About ColdFusion.support

ColdFusion.support is an initiative by Lucid Outsourcing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (https://lucidoutsourcing.com), which is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company established in 2012. The company serves clients with the prime focus of building and deploying the highest performing, user-interactive and responsive ColdFusion web applications. Lucid Outsourcing is also an active member of the developer team of Ortus Solutions (https://www.ortussolutions.com/about-us/sponsors) for different products.  

As one of the best ColdFusion development companies, with ColdFusion.support we offer a 360 range of ColdFusion development services and solutions to clients, which are completely affordable, reliable & budgetary compatible. ColdFusion.support is the best ColdFusion support center which provides the top quality support on web hosting, migration, applications, support, maintenance and other critical issues to clients.  

ColdFusion.support has the ultimate goal of being the most reliable and dependable ColdFusion development & support center by providing the best ColdFusion web/mobile applications & solutions. Our team also works for making applications & services for many industry segments and corporate sector and conduct timely meetings with the stakeholders to communicate what is best for them as per their industry parameters.      


We look up to achieve what we have already thought about. At ColdFusion.support we do all kind of research in technologies and come up with more effective and efficient solutions to the issues our client's face.

We have a dedicated team of programmers serving numerous top-notch technologies. Our team of passionate technology developers gives their heart out to every task given to them, which in turn provides the best ColdFusion support to our clients.


Our vision is to provide the best in class support services to our clients while sticking up to our morals and uprightness.

At ColdFusion.support we believe in perfection, in every task, we take on big or small perfection is reflected. It helps in creating a better tomorrow than today. Our prime focus is the provided Guaranteed Support Services to help our clients grow top in the market.

Why choose ColdFusion.support for your business -

ColdFusion.support is a perfect option for MSME enterprises, which justifies for their investment on any mobile/web application. We are a complete ColdFusion development services provider brand which provides end-to-end solutions to the clients. ColdFusion.support can be your first priority as your web application management company because of following reasons -

Years of expertise -

ColdFusion.support developers have years of expertise in creating custom object-oriented ColdFusion solutions by adopting unique coding & development practices. Our web applications are compatible with all operating systems – Windows, Mac OS, and Linux etc.

Platform compatible applications -

ColdFusion.support also provides the greatest value in creating and integrating apps to compatible devices like – mobile, desktop, PC etc. Our expert team is proficient in using the ColdBox MVC framework & CFML together to increase the memory capacity of the application.

Better server management -

ColdFusion.support is among the best application server management service provider especially for configuring, installing or migrating your application to a more upgraded server. It also provides timely backup services for your data in the server failure case.

Expertise for multiple industry segments -  

The team at ColdFusion.support is among the industry-leading ColdFusion development experts in developing ColdFusion applications for many big and small business enterprises. The team is well-trained in making applications on latest versions of ColdFusion and its supported technologies.   

Automation based business applications -

ColdFusion.support is a very well-renowned name for creating robust, feature-rich and task automation related applications. The applications developed by us are serving many benefits like - cross-platform compatibility, high run time performance which overshadows your total investment.

Training and customer support -

ColdFusion.support provides content-rich web applications with better customization ability. We transparently follow the easy method of developing dynamic and complex business applications. Our expert team also provides the training to staff of clients for in-house handling.

Wrapping Up -

In a business, task automation is the best way to do routine activities with the fast and accurate speed. At ColdFusion.support, we believe in creating more structured cum flexible working practices for our client businesses. We believe in delivering scalable web & mobile applications as the solutions to their challenges in a modern way to make it more durable and quality oriented.