Flexible Support and Development Plans

Are you having difficulty finding someone to maintain your ColdFusion website?| Are you looking for someone to get your legacy ColdFusion site all new features?| Are you looking for someone to fix issues in your ColdFusion site?

ColdFusion.support is a division of Lucid Outsourcing Solutions Private Limited (https://lucidoutsourcing.com) which is a leading ColdFusion development company providing designing, development, implementation, maintenance & support services since 2012. Our expert development team offer complete quality oriented ColdFusion web applications and solutions.

If you are looking to hire best ColdFusion developers & programmers or outsource your rich & highly interactive development, ColdFusion.support is the best option for you to get in touch. We follow the agile coding practices on working with both old and latest ColdFusion versions & frameworks.

ColdFusion framework is our choice of development, on which we develop web and mobile apps for businesses pertaining to different industry verticals and segments. Our expert team is ready to take any challenge to make your application more optimized to fulfill your business goals. Our future-ready expertise ensures your projects to fit well into your upgraded servers and with your varying databases.

What we do at ColdFusion.support -

Rapid identification of root causes of performances and stability issues –

The expert team is having years of experience in different web operations like – performance tuning of the server, migrating servers, live and guaranteed emergency customer support. It ensures that you will definitely get the performance of your project improved at the best industry standards.

Development and Maintenance of ColdFusion Website -

ColdFusion.support offers both static & dynamic web-based application development services by using interactive visual elements like – pop-ups, graphs, widgets, charts, video etc which make your website more UI friendly. Our team is the prime
provider of ColdFusion development and maintenance services worldwide.

Database performance tuning –

ColdFusion.support strives hard for optimizing client databases by dealing with the multiple file types and other operations like – correcting schemas, caching problems, missing or incorrect indexes etc. Our expert team provides every possible option for simplified access of the data to authorized users of the business.  

Application performance tuning and server monitoring –

ColdFusion.support team also uses server technologies to make the most value from your application for better performance. Our best ColdFusion server monitoring and alert notification services enable us to know from where the problems like – web crashing, server restarting problems, page speed errors are occurring. Our coding practices and standards allow us to eliminate most of these problems at the very initial stage of development rather than sourcing and resolving these issues later.

Ongoing performance testing and process -

For the better performance of the applications, it is necessary to manage many operations like – cache management, clustering, querying & indexing, alerting & reporting, validation, task scheduling etc. ColdFusion.support follows all these practices carefully for keeping your application up and active 24 X 7 X 365.

ColdFusion Application development –

ColdFusion is the mid-90s originated popular server-side development framework to develop dynamic, database oriented website applications that are completely user-interactive. At ColdFusion.support, all the solutions offered by us are completely scalable, reliable, performance tuned and quality oriented.

Application security and vulnerability checks –

Our expert team provides the security of application from intrusion attacks like XSS, DDOS and SQL injection. ColdFusion.support ensures the application’s availability for all device platforms. After any risk assessment, proper and concrete actions are taken to fix your issue.

Excellent ColdFusion outsourcing facilities –

ColdFusion.support believes in offering the most affordable services without compromising with quality. We offer core flexible outsourcing services for all types of operations like – hosting, maintenance, enhancement, server migration, application development, Distributed Systems, digital health, database development, cloud server setup and more at the most affordable prices.

Code reviewing and restructuring for better performances –

Code reviewing and restructuring is necessary for the best use of the resources consumed by any application. These things are necessary for removing the complexity, interoperability of objects. ColdFusion.support considers code restructuring issues carefully by analyzing your existing code for better load balancing and performance tuning of an application.

ColdFusion mobile apps development -

ColdFusion.support offers mobile apps creation services with both native and hybrid platforms. Our team provides complete support for developing mobile apps having the ability to set up direct communication with the user. It has all the practical skills with enhanced scripting support to make an application more useful for you with an excellent load handling capacity.  

Wrapping Up -

ColdFusion.support is a dedicated, premier and reliable ColdFusion development and service provider. We are outsourcing projects from countries like - USA, UK & many European countries. We make application projects serving flawlessly to client requirements for their ideal business development and streamlining core activities.